Natural VR locomotion, No motion sickness

Foot action based control in games

For VR games, PC games, mobile games, eFitness, and more

Technology that transforms VR experiences

MSRP $99.99

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Foottroller Sandals


How to use



  • Foottroller allows user to move naturally in Virtual Reality 

  • Four-way movement control with foot gesture to naturally move in all directions (Forward, Backward and Sideways)

  • Walk, run in VR with natural and smooth movement speed control in VR

  • Support rich foot actions for user-game interactions


  • Provides key elements for foot gesture detection

  • Bluetooth 4.0

  • 2032 Battery

  • Works with VR games on SteamVR

  • Supports game development on all platforms, PC, Oculus Quest, IOS devices, Android devices, Xbox, Play Station, etc.


How to order (Order on Amazon)

We are ready to ship Foottroller. 

Please first send a purchase inquiry to

or on Foottroller Discord server

And let us know which size you like to order.

We will prepare your order and make it available for you on Amazon.

Foottroller size chart

 Sizes                       Foot length

   7                               7.5-9.5 in

   9                               9-10.5 in

  11                             10-11.5 in

  13                             11-12 in

IMG_7974 v3.png



Foottroller and Quest 2 demo BAAM Squad. Move naturally and turn freely in a cool VR action game. It is so much fun!


Foottroller demo with Boneworks. Four-way movement control, natural and smooth speed control


Cool Foottroller VR Chat demo. Walk in VR like in real world


VR Tennis: Play tennis on a virtual court in VR very realistically. Foottroller native game integration demo.


VR Soccer game demo with Foottroller and Oculus Quest 2 (Features natural movement control and advanced kick control)


Foottroller insoles in sneakers. VR Chat demo


Foottroller insoles in sneakers. BAAM Squad demo


Foottroller + Oculus Quest 2 demo game (developed in Unity)


VR Tennis Oculus Quest 2 demo game (developed in Unity) Foottroller ready



  • Virtual Reality

  • Mobile Device Gaming

  • Smart TV
  • Augmented Reality

  • Sport Games

  • Home Fitness




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