Natural VR locomotion

Foot action based control in games

For VR games, PC games, mobile games, eFitness, and more

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How to use


Foottroller (Order on Amazon)


  • Foottroller allows you to move naturally in Virtual Reality with no constraint and compromise. 

  • Four-way movement control with foot gesture (Forward, Backward and Sideways)

  • Walk, run, jump detections for movement control

  • Movement direction control with foot pointing direction

  • Support the use of rich foot actions for user-game interactions


  • Sensor embedded footwear provide key elements for foot gesture detections

  • Bluetooth 4.0

  • 2032 Battery

  • SteamVR support, work with VR games on Steam platform

  • Support game engines (Unity and Unreal) for game development on all platforms, PC, Oculus Quest, IOS devices, Android devices, Xbox, Play Station, etc.

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Use foottroller to play VR games in SteamVR for greatly enhanced gaming experiences


Why VR games should use foottroller for movement control? Find some key reasons in this video.


VR Soccer game demo with Foottroller


VR city tour game - Foottroller for movement control in VR games


Add foot actions for cool user-game interactions in games with Foottroller. Watch this video for examples with climbing games


Tired of sitting there playing desktop games? Foottroller let you play your favorite desktop/smart TV games on big screen in a healthy and engaging new style.



  • Virtual Reality

  • Mobile Device Gaming

  • Smart TV
  • Augmented Reality

  • Sport Games

  • Home Fitness




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