JPTI Foottroller used for VR games

Natural in-game movement control removes motion sickness and leads to truly immersive VR gaming experiences


VR Soccer Game


VR Tennis


VR City Tour


VR City Tour

Explore famous cities in Virtual Reality (VR) World

First VR game that uses JPTI foottroller for natural, hand-free movement control in game.


Download JPTI VR package  (City Tour Game and PC remote server included)

Demo Video

Game Instructions


Windows (VR) Game Support (General Direction)

 JPTI foottroller is able to achieve natural movement control in VR games. The integration of foottroller control functions to VR and other windows games is easy.

  • Integration method 1: Use foottroller directly in game development environments such as Unity, Unreal.​​

    • Explaination:JPTI foottroller is connected to Windows PC as a bluetooth controller device. It can be used directly in game development platforms as controller for inputs. 

    • Advantage: all foottroller information is available to the program for control purposes​

    • Disadvantage: configuration of foottroller for control inputs may be complicated.

  • Integration method 2: Use JPTI remote server to manage foottroller and control windows (VR) programs.

    • Explanation: After a foottroller is connected to a Windows PC, user JPTI remote server to find the foottroller and send control information out to windows Programs. 

    • Advantages: i) JPTI remote server uses key messaging, and can be customized to control any windows program that uses keyboard for control. ii) highly customizable control mapping is supported by JPTI remote server, which allows easy generation of controls for windows programs based on foottroller information. ii) With key messaging no input configuration in game development platforms is needed. ii) JPTI remote server is a controller hub. All JPTI controller information and status can be viewed and examined with the server and a diagnosis tool.  

Remote server logo.png

JPTI Remote Server

Function: Control windows programs with JPTI controllers.

Any PC application that uses keyboard as control input can be controlled by JPTI controllers through the server software.

Supported controllers:

  • JPTI controller apps

  • JPTI foottroller

Instruction video

Download JPTI Windows (VR) package

controller diagnosis.png

Controller Diagnosis Tool

Description: The program work with JPTI Remote server. Information from connected controllers, including controller apps and foottrollers can be viewed with the tool.

Supported controllers:

  • JPTI controller apps

  • JPTI foottroller

Instruction video

Included in Windows (VR) package