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VR City Tour Instructions

VRCityTourInstr: About

Controller Setup

VR City Tour game can be controlled by JPTI Mobile controller app or JPTI foottroller through JPTI Remote Server program in Windows.

For controller setup, see video instructions for setting up JPTI foottroller and JPTI controller app.

After connecting a controller or controllers to JPTI Remote sever, choose control mode for VR city tour game for mobile app controller or foottroller accordingly (Follow video instruction below).

VRCityTourInstr: About
VRCityTourInstr: About

In-game controller heading alignment

  • controller heading (H) and tilt (T) are used for VR City Tour contorls

  • In VR City Tour Game, H has a integer range of -8 to 7; T has a integer range of -4 to 3

  • H and T values are displayed in game.

  • For in game heading alignment, when H is zero, the forward movement direction in game should be aligned with controller (mobile phone controller or foottroller) pointing direction in real world.

  • If the two directions are not aligned, first, change controller pointing direction to align with the forward moving direction in game. Then press "A" button of the mobile controller app to set H as 0 at the controller pointing direction.

VRCityTourInstr: About

Game Play

  • VR City Tour game has two modes "In Stop" and "In Move". Current game mode is displayed in game.

  • "In Stop"

    • changing controller pointing direction, i.e., H value, (when T value is zero) different control options will be displayed.

    • When H is 0, 4, -8, -4, forward or backward move will be started by tilting the controller. And the game will be switched to "In Move".

    • When H is -2,-6, 6, in-game elevation can be changed by tilting the controller.

  • "In Move"

    • When H is not changed since the move is started, straight in-game move will be performed. And movement speed can be changed by tilting the controller.

    • Left or right turn can be made by changing H value while "In Move.
    • When movement speed is reduced to close to zero, the game mode switches back to "In stop".

VRCityTourInstr: About
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