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"Presentation controller" original $1.99, now on promotion for free at Apple App store. 

"PC game controller" free.

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No mouse, No keyboard, More freedom

All apps contain no ads



Presentation Controller

Make your smart phone a great remote controller for presentation using PC and Mac

Cursor control, Full screen mode control, Page navigation control (Instruction) (demo)



PC Game Controller

Use your smartphone as controller for PC (Mac) games  

  • Desktop mode

  • Driving game mode​​

  • Roaming game mode



Remote for PC

Make your smartphone a powerful remote control for your Windows PC or Mac.

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JPTI Remote Server

(Required on Windows PC or Mac)

Ultra light weight server software on your computers offering amazing control capabilities.

  • Support all JPTI controller apps

  • No installation required

  • ​Currently available for Windows PC and Mac

  • Bluetooth required on PC (for PC with no Bluetooth, USB bluetooth adapters are available on

Connection instruction

If you have problem discovering or connecting to a controller app, please see common trouble shooting or contact us at:

Download the latest version of JPTI Remote Server for Windows PC and Mac

Link 1

We keep improving user experiences with our software. Follow us on social media to get informed on server updates.

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PC game controller game play Forza

Mobile Apps: Video

Windows PC remote control demo, Cursor control, desktop mode, media control mode, game mode and Text PC

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Mac remote control demo: Desktop Mode and Map control mode, etc.

Mobile Apps: About

Controller Key Layout

Our controller mobile Apps feature the same concise virtual key layout. 

The GUI has four virtual buttons ABC (U) and D

Buttons A and B are used for PC cursor control.

When button Aor Bis pressed  down, user can move cursor by turning the smartphone left, right, up or down.

Two complementary cursor control modes (A mode and B mode) are supported.

Double click button A for Mouse double click.

Combined use of button A and B are used as "Enter" and "Esc".

"Enter": hold button B then click button A (denoted as B+A)

"Esc": hold button A then click button B (denoted as A+B)

Button C and D are used to achieve various functions in different control modes

  • Presentation mode (Presentation controller)

  • Desktop mode

  • Media control mode

  • Game Driving mode

  • Game Roaming mode

  • Map Control mode

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Desktop mode

Desktop mode allows the quick switch from one application to another

Windows PC:

  • Start new application on Desktop 

    • Select application icon on Desktop: hold button C; then turn smart phone left, right, up or down to changed the selected application icon​ on desktop

    • Start application: B+A button combination as "Enter"

  • Switch to another application running in background

    • Hold button D to bring up the running application list

    • Keep holding button D and turn smartphone left, right, up or down to change selected application

    • release button D to switch to the selected application

  • Quit application: A+B


  • Start a new application from launchpad

    • Requirement: set Mac launchpad hotkey as "command+P": system preference->keyboard->Shortcuts->Launchpad&Dock->Show launchpad 

    • Show Launchpad:  click button ​D to show launchpad

    • Select app icon on a launchpad page: turn smartphone left, right, up or down to change selected app icon

    • Switch to a different launchpad page: swipe smart phone left or right 

    • Start a selected app: B+A as Enter

    • Leave Launchpad without starting an app: A+B (as Esc) or click D

  • Switch to another application running in background

    • Switch to an app at a different desktop: Hold button C then swipe smartphone left or right

    • Switch to another app at the main desktop:

      • Show App list: Hold button C then swipe smartphone up

      • Hold button C then swipe left right or down to switch to different desktops or quit app list

      • Use cursor control to select and switch to the app

  • Move an app to a separate desktop: triple click button B

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Presentation controller

Presentation mode


  • Cursor control

  • Full screen mode control (support pdfand powerpoint)

    • Enter full screen​ mode

      • Method 1: triple click button B​

      • Method 2: U+D

    • ​Exist full screen mode​

      • Method 1: D+U​

      • Method 2: A+B

  • Page navigation

    • PageDown: D​

    • PageUp: U

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Media Control mode

Media control mode (available in Remote for PC app) supports web browsing and media player control

  • Media play control

    • pause and start play: double click A​​

    • Enter/Exit full screen mode (youtube): triple click B

    • volume up/down​: hold button C then turn smartphone up/down

    • fast backward/forward: hold button C then turn smart phone left/right 

  • Web browsing control

    • Page up​: D

    • Page down: C

    • Zoom in: C+D

    • Zoom out: D+C

  • Url and account info input: use "Text PC" function (available in Remote for PC app)

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Game Driving mode

Play PC driving games using your smartphone as controller 

  • Turn left/right: tilt smartphone left/right to turn left/right

  • Brake: use button C as brake

  • Gas: press button D for acceleration

  • Function key: button B is mapped to key F for configurable function key, for acceleration (when needed) or nitrogen 

  • Menu navigation:

    • Enter: B+A

    • Esc: A+B

    • Hold button C and turn smart phone left, right, up or down to navigate alone menu options

    • Use cursor control when needed

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Game Roaming mode

Use your smartphone for view and movement control and action control in PC games 

  • View control: use cursor control with button A or B for game view control

  • Movement control: Hold button C then turn smartphone left, right, up or down to move left, right, backward or forward.

  • Function key:

    • Button D is mapped to "Space" for jump

    • Button A for mouse click

  • Menu navigation:

    • Enter: B+A​

    • Esc: A+B

    • Hold button C and turn smart phone left, right, up or down to navigate alone menu options

    • Use cursor control when needed

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Map Control mode

Map Control mode works with Google Map and Google Earth for  intuitive and cool view remote control experiences

  • Cursor Move: hold button A or B and turn smartphone left/right/up/down to move cursor

  • Pan:

    • Double click button A and drag cursor

    • Hold button C then turn smartphone left, right, up or down

  • Viewing angle change (Google Earth):

    • Double click button C and hold, then turn smart phone left/right/up/down

  • Zoom In/Out:

    • Google Map: hold button D and swipe smartphone left/right

    • Google Earth: hold button D and tilt phone up/down

  • Center Earth (Google Earth) : Triple click button D

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Text PC

Use your smartphone as remote keyboard for PC (Mac)

Text PC function (available in Remote for PC app) is able to send text to PC (Mac) for inputs such as url, email address, username, password etc.

  • goUrl: click goUrl button allows quick access to url input of web browsers on PC

  • Delete: click DEL button to delete unwanted characters on PC

  • Hide keyboard after finishing text input: 

    • android:​ click down arrow at the bottom

    • iOS: click B button

  • ​Send text: click SEND button to send text input to PC

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Mobile Apps: About
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