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Foottroller user instructions


​Foottroller connects to our "VirtualFeet" iOS app to work with other gaming devices. 

Install Foottroller iOS app "VirtualFeet"

Foottroller Instructions: About

​Connect Foottroller with "VirtualFeet" App

  • Step 1: Open "VirtualFeet" app

  • Step 2: Click "Search" button and turn left or right Foottroller on.

    • Connection between Foottroller and the App will be established​

    • The Foottroller functions properly when the App responds to changes of foot pointing directions, tilt angle and touch states

  • Connect the other Foottroller using the same procedure

After one or both Foottroller is connected to the "VirtualFeet" App, it can be used for game controls

  • Control StreamVR games with Foottroller

  • Control PC games with Foottroller

  • Develop games with Foottroller controls integrated

Foottroller Instructions: About
  • Once both left and right Fottrollers are connected to the "VirtualFeet" App, user actions including walk, run, and jump can be detected.

  • Click the "Switch Display" button, the Avatar will walk, run and jump as the user does it.

Foottroller Instructions: About
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