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JPTI Remote Server (Connection Instruction)

​Make sure that Bluetooth of your PC or Mac is on

  1. Discover controller app

    • Run JPTI Remote Server on Windows PC or Mac

    • Click "Discover" button

    • Open JPTI controller app on your smart phone (All JPTI controller apps are supported)

  2. Connect controller app: Select a discovered controller from the controller list, and click "Conn HC" button

  3. Connection done: when both "connection ready" and "data ready" status show "Yes" the controller is ready to use

Common trouble shooting

  • Controller app cannot be discovered 

    • Redo the discovery by clicking discover button one more time may solve the problem

    • Turn computer bluetooth off and back on may solve the problem

    • Restart computer will solve the problem

  • After connection "Connection ready" status shows "Yes" but "Data ready" status shows "No" 

    • Quit and restart JPTI remote server software and redo the connection process

    • Quit the controller app. Then start the controller app and redo the connection process.

JPTIcontroller: About
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